Broken Sword - Dolmade Example

First, install singularity on your system. You'll need the recent 2.3 version. Use yum or apt-get, respectively.

apt-get install singularity-container_2.2-1_amd64.deb

yum install singularity-2.2.99-0.1.el7.x86_64.rpm

Let's pull the dolmades docker image. (Note: the shub image has still a bug in the run script)

singularity pull docker://c1t4r/dolmades

cp dolmades.img BS25.img

Extend the size of the image and execute its run script in read-write mode:

singularity expand -s 1500 BS25.img

singularity exec -w BS25.img /singularity

It will change into /tmp, initialize automatically the wine prefix, install DirectX9 and start a new shell. Then follow the instructions to download and install Broken Sword under 'C:\Apps'

After you are done, test it and finally exit the shell. The profile will be saved under /PROFILES, the game under /APPS.

NOTE: it is important to call the EXE from its directory or else it will fail!

wine ./bsengine.exe

Expand the size of your container further or use a new one to try out other windows games or apps!

If you want to test an app without modifying the container simply start it read-only


Here are some screen shots from my laptop running this example! Happy gaming & have fun trying it out for yourself!

Installing DirectX9

Broken Sword 2.5 (German). This game does not utilize Direct3D and should always work

Debug output from Wine running in the dolmade