Dolmades are pre-installed Windows applications for Linux. Once downloaded they are very easy to use.

  • Your tax reporting software needs Windows?
  • Do you own games which are not released for Linux?
  • You need to use MS Office, and you do not want to run a VM?

Then dolmades are for you!

If you are Linux user and you are just interested in using certain Windows applications, waiting for the upcoming v1.1 release and the bundled Dolmades is recommended!

If you are interested in creating your own Dolmades you should have a look at the v1.0 release. The examples on this site and the project page on GitHub should get you started on how to simplify usage, packaging and distribution of Windows programs under Linux to the utmost extent.


Dolmades v1.1 "From Blue to Green" - expected End of March!

Main Features

Wine 4.x / Graphical Installer / Self-executable Dolmades / Improved Import+Export

Improved Recipe Syntax / Local Ingredient Registry / Bugfixes


Dolmades v1.0 "The Goglizer" released!

Release Notes

code  recipes  base images


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