Greece dolmades are grape leaf wraps making a delicious dish. Just about as the ongoing efforts of the wine project wrapped inside software containers being served as appetizers to bring your favourite Windows applications to Linux...


Dolmades v1.0 "The Goglizer" released!


  • GOG gaming support: generate template recipes for your personal GOG collection & install them

  • Ease-of-use: supports major linux distros and requires no special permissions

  • Compatibility: recipes create functional dolmades across various distros and system hardware

  • Mobility: cooked dolmades are designed to be portable across various distros and system hardware

  • Safety&Security: dolmades are isolated from each other and from the host system by default

  • Usage

    • Creation: cook your application using recipes and install a clickable desktop symbol
    • Target launcher: let you choose between all installed applications which one to run
    • Shares: bind selected paths from the host system to windows drives inside a dolmade
    • Import&Export: allows sharing of cooked dolmades - EXPERIMENTAL
  • Development

    • Create recipes: use the existing Dolmadefiles as template for your own win-only apps
    • Debug mode: examine problems, apply fixes and instantly rebuild the application
    • Selectable base: choose between several wine versions

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