What are Dolmades?

Dolmades are pre-installed Windows applications for Linux. They are prepared using recipes, and once downloaded they are easy to setup.

LifeForce ASD - 1st place at Assembly 2007 - original source ###

64 bit Linux - LifeForce_ASD.dme.sh - 0.9Gb


Broken Sword 2.5 - 2D Adventure Game - original source ###

64 bit Linux - Broken_Sword.dme.sh - 1.5Gb


To install "LifeForce ASD" download the dolmade, open a terminal and run the setup:

sh ~/Downloads/LifeForce_ASD.dme.sh 

All data will be stored under $HOME/Dolmades. Start "LifeForce ASD" by clicking its menu entry or the desktop icon. Finally you can remove the application again from the menu entry.

Note: as of now Python 2.7 and curl is required

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