Broken Sword - Dolmade Example

You need to have python and pycurl installed. Download dolmades-cli from github:

git clone

cd dolmades-cli

./cook ./Dolmadefile

Now the recipe described will be cooked automatically, which means

  • all ingredients are being downloaded and their SHA256 sum verified
  • the appropriate docker base image is being downloaded
  • the 'Broken Sword' installer is being launched and waited upon completion
  • a short-cut is being created and placed on your Desktop

Cooking procedure in terminal

Now you will be able to start "Broken Sword" by clicking the icon. This dolmade launches the "Target Selector" - a GUI which allows to choose between multiple installed windows menu entries.

Select  "Windowed Mode" and confirm. While the game is running you will notice a system tray icon which allows you to look at the wine logs (left click) or kill it (right click). Finally a popup is displayed to inform about the termination.