Cooking an example Dolmade

You need to have python 2.7 and curl installed. Download 'Dolmades' from GitHub:

curl -L -o dolmades.tgz
tar -xzf dolmades.tgz && cd dolmades-cli-1.1.1/
./cook recipes/Broken_Sword.dolmade --serve

Now the recipe described will be cooked automatically, which means

  • all ingredients are being downloaded and their SHA256 sum verified
  • the appropriate docker base image is being downloaded
  • the 'Broken Sword' installer is being silently run and waited upon completion
  • download time depends on your connection and should be between 1-10 minutes

The --serve switch creates a desktop symbol and menu entries in addition so that you can launch your installed dolmade.

On start the "Target Selector" will appear - a simple GUI which let you choose between multiple installed Windows menu entries:

Select  "Windowed Mode" and confirm. While the game is running you will notice a system tray icon which allows you to look at the wine logs (left click) or kill it (right click):

After playing you can uninstall the dolmade via the according desktop menu entry.

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