Cooking a GOG example Dolmade

You need to have python 2.7 and curl installed. Download 'Dolmades' from GitHub:

curl -L -o dolmades.tgz
tar -xzf dolmades.tgz && cd dolmades-cli-1.1.1/

For this to work you need to be registered at GOG. They offer some items for free so you can run this example without purchasing a game. If you have not done so already obtain now the free item "Flight of the Amazon Queen" and check that it is shown in your personal game collection.

Initially we will retrieve the GOG account information:

./goglizer -u

The -u parameter tells goglizer to retrieve the dolmades runtime container and your personal game list. At first, you will be asked to authorize using your GOG account. Since two-factor-authentication is mandatory you will need to check your email and enter the code that GOG sends to you. This needs to be done only once. After that, the authorization credentials are being stored in your home directory for subsequent use. Finally a list of your games is being shown:

Found dolmade repo under /home/stefan/.dolmades/repo
Pulling dolmades runtime container...
Fetching detailed info about games from GOG...
Retrieving detailed linux game list...
Getting game names (1/1) 48 / 48
Getting game info 26 / 26
Retrieving detailed linux/windows game list...
Getting game names (1/1) 48 / 48
Getting game info 48 / 48
Retrieving detailed windows game list...
Getting game names (1/1) 48 / 48
Getting game info 48 / 48
Windows games available on this account which have no linux installer available

Now choose a game of your liking and instruct goglizer to download the ingredients and create a corresponding dolmade file using the -d parameter:

./goglizer -d=flight_of_the_amazon_queen

This will download all ingredients and prepare a Dolmadefile for installation. Now the dolmade can be installed:

./cook "flight_of_the_amazon_queen:en:1.0.dolmade" --serve

Some GOG installers display error messages at the final stage of installation. Those can be ignored, the installation will succeed anyways. Now you will find a clickable icon on your desktop :)

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